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Forget about the rules.


Dear... everyone,

It's important to me that people understand me fully. Makeup is only 5% of who I am from an artistic point of view. I can express myself in so many other ways.

That's why I created BY JISEL.

Through this brand, I will show you beauty in other ways.
This is not a makeup brand --
it's an expression of who I am and the things that I want you to be a part of.

There are things that catch my eye and speak to me... and I want them to speak to you too.

Everything matters.

The things I see and feel as beautiful... I want them to be available to you, so you can see and feel them too.

BY JISEL is an expression.
It's not about a business.
This is about being pure.
This is a portal.
This is a journey.
This is an experience.
This is FUN!

I say all of that to say... this is the beginning of my journey to creative freedom.

This is who I am and I want to share my art and creativity with you. This is personal.

This is...

Educare School
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